Our booking allows access to the venue Friday until Sunday. How do we get access?

There is a lockbox on the outside of the building next to the front double doors of the building. You may use the keypad to access keys to both the front door and the panic bar doors. This will enable you to let yourselves into the building for your setup as your schedule allows. Please remember to put the keys back in the lockbox upon leaving the premises. Please ask your Henrekin Pines bridal consultant for the code prior to the weekend of your wedding. (Note: All 3 panic bar doors are locked and unlocked from the outside. If the door is locked, you can exit, but the door will lock and you cannot get back in through that door.)

Will a staff member of Henrekin Pines be on site the entire weekend?

No, but you have access to our keypad lockbox to enable you to have access as your schedule permits. However, staff will meet with you on Friday morning (or whatever time is determined best) to explain the venue logistics for the weekend. Staff will check in with you on Saturday morning to address any questions you may have. Staff will then again be on site for your wedding ceremony and the transition to your reception. You will be responsible for locking up the venue at the conclusion of your reception.

What if I have questions or need some assistance with the venue when staff is not on site?

All contact numbers are listed on the white board posted in the storeroom off the bar.

Do we really need a host/hostess?

We strongly suggest that you honor someone you care about by asking them to do you the honor of serving as your host/hostess. That person(s) will be responsible for directing guests, directing the wedding party for the ceremony, and just overall ensuring that your day is as headache free to you as possible. You will need to designate someone throughout the night to monitor the trash removal as well.

Can we use the gas firepit?

Yes, you will have a tank of gas already supplied for the firepit. Please be mindful and not leave the firepit unattended. It is your responsibility to make sure the firepit is turned off upon leaving the premises.

Is there a specific time we need to conclude our rehearsal evening festivities at HP?

We ask that you conclude your evening by 10:00 pm.

Can I use real candles?

No. Because we are a flameless building, we do have an inventory of flameless candles that you are welcome to use. However, you will need to supply the batteries.

Do you have any table decorations that I can use?

Yes, we do have an inventory of decorations that your Henrekin Pines bridal consultant can share with you.

What if there are some décor items that I do not want to use?

If you find that there are some decorations that you do not want to use for your reception, you are welcome to put those in the closet.

How will the Pine Room be set up for my wedding/reception?

Approximately one month before your wedding, your Henrekin Pines bridal consultant will email you a questionnaire that will include information on how you would like the room set up. Upon your arrival the room will be setup as previously agreed upon. If for some reason, you want to make changes, that will be your responsibility.

Do you have storage space to store my boxes and extra decorations that I decide not to use?

We have limited storage at Henrekin Pines. So, we would ask you to leave those items in your vehicles or make other arrangements for any extra items and empty boxes. Our store room is available for vendors and staff only.

What if I want to change the setup when we get to the venue?

You will be responsible for any changes as long as you discuss those changes with staff first.

Do you have specific vendors that we have to use?

No, you may use the vendors of your choice, with the exception of a bar service vendor. Because of exposed liability, we have negotiated a very competitive rate for your bar service vendor, while providing an exceptionally professional service.

How do I know what food or other vendors to choose?

We have acquired an extensive list for most vendor categories. We are happy to provide you with recommendations. All vendor contracts and vendor relations, however, are your responsibility.

Is Henrekin Pines staff available to clear dinner tables after dinner is served?

No, dinner service is between you and your caterer. We have several trash receptacles available for guests to dispose of their own trash.

What if one of my vendors needs to have access to the venue to drop off equipment?

It is your responsibility to make those arrangements with the vendor. If available, we are happy to help provide access to vendors, but will need to know in advance.

What time shall we tell our guests the reception is over?

Last call is at 11:15 and the music ends at 11:30. Everyone should be out of the building and locked up by midnight.

Can we have family over to open gifts on Sunday morning at Henrekin Pines?

Yes, you have access to the venue until noon on Sunday. However, if the venue is available, you may make arrangements for an extended departure.

What cleanup are we responsible for on Sunday?

Basically, we ask that you leave the venue in the same condition as you found it. All we ask is that you remove all your personal items and remove all trash from the building. We take pride in our outdoor grounds and therefore we ask that you take care of removing all debris from the yard, including cigarette butts. We also ask that you stack the white lawn chairs and put them on the patio.