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About Us

Jim & Sandy Henrekin

Henrekin Pines started as a father-son project in 1962 when Jim Henrekin and his father planted 5,000 red and white pine trees on a horseshoe-shaped hill overlooking the family farm.

Their shared vision was to have a place for future generations to hunt and enjoy the land. Over the years, the farm thrived and the pines remained a refuge for family and friends to enjoy. Now, the 27 acres of pine trees are an integral part of the Henrekin family legacy.

Jim and his wife, Sandy, have enjoyed making a life on the hill, and the pines have become their little piece of Heaven, as they and their family share relaxing evenings among the pines. They have decided to share this experience with others by creating a unique wedding venue in the peaceful shadow of the pines.

The cabin started as a charming reception area for the highly successful Sandy Pines Elk Farm. Over the years, the cabin expanded to become the base of operations for their world champion quarter horses. Now, the fully remodeled barn and attached hall are available to host your special event.

Offering a casual atmosphere nestled in the heart of Illinois farm country, this unique venue offers a tranquil setting while providing all the amenities to make your special occasion memorable.

Jim and Sandy look forward to welcoming you to the farm, and they hope that you enjoy the pines as much as they do!

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